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Sep 30 2017

The Berkeley MBA Compared #uc #mba #program


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The Berkeley MBA Compared

There is no doubt that receiving a MBA from one of the top-ranked Bay Area MBA programs will open doors for you in your career, but finding the right time and the format that best fits how you learn can be difficult.

The information below can help you choose a program that gives you what you need out of your master’s degree program.

  • Program Basics shows you what your life would look like in an MBA program when and how often you’d go to class and where along with the approximate cost of each Berkeley MBA program.
  • Class Profile will give you a feel for who you’d be going to school with the ages and work experience of classmates and how many students are in each program.
  • See our Curriculum chart for the kind of elective choices you will have in each degree program, along with experiential and immersive learning opportunities.
  • The Career Services chart shows you the advising support and on-campus recruiting options you’ll have in each program.

Berkeley MBA Program Basics

Evening Weekend MBA

Berkeley MBA for Executives (EMBA)

Evenings Schedule Option

Weekends Schedule Option

2 years
(4 semesters)

2.5-3 years
(5-6 semesters)

2.5-3 years
(5-6 semesters)

19 months
(5 terms)

Two evenings each week

All day Saturday

*Thur-Sat about every 3 weeks

Total Program Cost

**Approx. $112,000 for CA residents and $115,000 for out-of-state residents

*Schedule varies for an immersion week of 5-7 days at the end of each of the five terms.

**Total program costs for Full-time and Evening Weekend MBA Programs are estimates made using current annual (Full-time) or per unit (Evening Weekend) costs, and are subject to change. Visit our Financial Aid website for more info.

***EMBA fees cover everything (course materials, hotel during course sessions and immersion weeks, most meals) except airfare.

Berkeley MBA Class Profile

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