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Dec 22 2017

Ticket selling software

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It’s time you got credit for understanding simple math.

You see, nothing burns us more than seeing smart people treated like grade-school kids.

While the advice to start out making money online as an affiliate marketer is a solid one, there’s no rule you should focus only on promoting low ticket offers (under $97).

It’s advice which is good in theory, and horrible in practice.

It seems logical it would be easier to promote less expensive products.

However, it’s really not.

The problem is you have to sell hundreds more low cost items to cover the ground you’d make selling just a few high ticket products.

Let’s take the example of a $7 product sold in the MMO niche. Seems like it would be a no-brainer to get people to pick it up.

You’re likely to only get paid 50% commission on this product, which brings your earnings down to $3.50 per sale. Then, don’t forget, you’ll need to give your payment processor a cut (usually 5% or so.)

Which leads us to our next point:

Just how many $3.33 sales are you going to need quit your job?
  • Or sock enough away to take your spouse on a well-deserved vacation?
  • Or save for your child’s college tuition?
  • Or replace your worn out clunker car which has been nickel-and-diming you to death on repairs?
  • Or accomplish ANY of your financial goals?

Because, don’t forget, the tax man is going to eat away at your $3.33 per sale too.

This is why we want to show you a MUCH easier and FASTER way to cash in as an affiliate!

It’s Time To Kick A Certain Myth

To the Curb for YOUR Own Good.

Let’s consider another point why promoting low-ticket products can be difficult in reality.

Would you say it’s easier to get a handful of people to take action, or easier to get HUNDREDS to take action?

If you said, “To get a handful of people to act,” of course you’d be right.

And a handful of people can be all it takes to change everything.

We’re here to tell you it’s WAY easier to get a few people to pick up a big ticket product you than to get hundreds of ‘little’ sales. especially when competition for low ticket offers is off the hook (notice how many times a day YOU get hammered for the same offers.)

Moving to promoting higher end offers with bigger commissions means a HUGE impact on YOUR bottom line.

You’ve been sold a bill of goods about promoting affiliate products….low ticket offers are NOT the only way to go for new marketers.

With high ticket offers, you only need to sell a FRACTION of the products you’d need to move to produce the same income you’re making with low-ticket products now. And you DON’T need the huge subscriber list you’d need to sell hundreds of low ticket offers, either.

Here’s The Biggest Secret

about high ticket offers no one’s mentioned before.
YOU don’t have to close the prospects yourself.

This is the vendor’s job – you just have to send traffic to their offers, and they do the rest. And you can be 100% sure vendors with high ticket offers have got what it takes to close (so you’ll have a very good chance of getting that fat commission!) 

It’s Time To You Get Over Your Fears

of promoting higher priced affiliate products for good.

Look, we’d like to think we’re reasonably smart guys.

However, we don’t think we’re smarter than our customers are.

The only difference between us and you right now is we decided to take a slight risk and try promoting some high ticket offers. and we’ve never looked back.

It comes back to simple math. It’s easier to sell a few copies of a higher priced product than hundreds of copies of low-ticket items.

There’s another reason too.

We hate to say it. Maybe we’re a little bit lazy.

You see, we’d rather promote a handful of carefully selected high ticket offers a few times a month than kill ourselves promoting low ticket offers, day-in, and day-out like so many others do.

Not to mention, it seems insane to us to hammer our lists hard every other day for a few hundred bucks at the most. There’s no faster way to lose your subscribers. the very ones you worked so hard to get in the first place!

We chatted up a few friends, and told them about the results we’ve been getting promoting high ticket affiliate offers.

They asked us if we could help them get into selling high ticket affiliate offers as well, because they couldn’t believe our results.

The fact is, there’s really there’s no simpler way to create online income.

You don’t have to:
  • Or sock enough away to take your spouse on a well-deserved vacation?
  • Or save for your child’s college tuition?
  • Or replace your worn out clunker car which has been nickel-and-diming you to death on repairs?
  • Or accomplish ANY of your financial goals?

And so we agreed to help our buddies out.

We laid out our entire system for promoting high ticket offers to our friends. It was clear we were on to something powerful when they started reporting back their fantastic results promoting high ticket offers.

  • Uncover the benefits of using 2 free methods to get optins from Facebook. as well as how to use Facebook ads to scale your results generating optins fast.
  • A walkthrough of powerful FB ad tools, including Graph Search, Power Editor, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Conversion Tracking. when you understand these, you’ll be able to laser target the right audience for your offers AND keep your ad costs rock-bottom low.
  • Audience Insights Tool – Rash walks you through how to use the Audience Insights tool to pinpoint the ideal audiences for your offers. your ad viewers will feel compelled to click because you’ve dialed into the outcomes they want most.

Both on-page and off-page SEO are covered in this module. and it’s WAY easier than anyone ever told you!

  • Boost your website in organic search, the holy grail of high-converting traffic…
  • Follow a solid, proven system to get the attention of the search engines every time you publish a new post.
  • Discover how to use the free Google Keyword Planner to boost your SEO results…
  • Discover how to set up newbie-friendly media ad campaigns.
  • Set up media buying campaigns (which can be very profitable) with a limited amount of risk and experience on your part.
  • You’ll get a complete walkthrough of the pros and cons of direct buying, ad intermediary and ad network campaigns

6 Underground Traffic Sources

These methods are used by most big marketers; however, they are seldom discussed.

  • We’re not letting the cat out of the bag here, but needless to say, you’ll get access to unsaturated, yet highly targeted traffic sources few others are using yet
  • Get more opt-ins and sales for less work, and gain a competitive advantage in your niche

Friends, it’s time to make a decision which can only change your life for the better.

You don’t have to be content any longer with lousy commissions, wondering if you’ll ever scrape enough together to quit your job, or take that dream vacation with your loved one.

There’s no reason at all for you to have to settle anymore.

Not when we’ve held NOTHING back and given you access to this life changing training for so little. not to mention providing you the bonus package, which is custom tailored to almost ensure your success.

So now is the time to make the decision to stop pussyfooting around and get serious about your marketing career and earnings.

Because when you start earning more, you can start achieving YOUR dreams. you can finally quit that hated job. fix or replace that unreliable car. take your loved ones on a dream vacation. or be able to quickly save up for a down payment on your dream house.

Or have the extra cash you need to give generously to charity and help make the world a better place.

All you have to do is make a risk-free commitment to picking up High Ticket Cash Machines. Do it NOW. all you have to do to secure your copy is click the button above before the launch ends and the price increases significantly.

Look back in a year, and remember this was the day when everything changed for you.

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