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May 28 2017

Top 363 Complaints and Reviews about Fox Rent A Car #online #car #rental

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Hi everybody, just sharing my horrible experience with Fox Rent A Car in Baja California in November. First of all we arrived in La Paz with our reservation for a car in the medium category. We had already paid 1300 pesos on the website and thought that was almost all we will had to pay because nothing was detailed on the website (except the young driver additional price 1600 pesos). But when we arrived in the “office” of Fox they started telling us that we will have an economic car (very small) because according to them it was the same category as medium. Thanks to a lot of discussion we finally ended to get the car we wanted (and paid for) but the women told us that she was making us a favor. Then she started to talk to us about the insurance.

After booking a car with Fox Rent A Car, I read many negative reviews about the company. Because the price was so reasonable, I decided to take a chance and keep the booking. We booked a rental car with Fox Car Rental online before leaving Canada. We booked the car to be picked up at San Jose Airport in California and to be dropped off at San Diego Airport 9 days later.

The Fox Rental location is right beside the San Jose airport. From the time we arrived at the rental place until we were driving away in the type of car we had requested was LESS THAN 20 MINUTES. The Fox Rental location in San Diego is a 5-minute drive from the San Diego airport. They provide FREE shuttle service to the airport. When we returned the car (9 days later in San Diego), by the time we got our luggage from the trunk of the car the receipt for the EXACT amount we were expecting was handed to us and we were on our way on the shuttle to the airport!

The main complaint we read about the company was the charge for going through tolls which people did not account for before renting the vehicle. We decided to opt for the “plate pass” for $11.49/day to cover any tolls we may have encountered. That way we did not need to worry about the number of tolls we went through as they would be totally covered. Just like getting a speeding ticket while driving a rental car, the renter must pay for that ticket. The same goes for tolls.

I don’t understand why renters are upset when they are told they need to pay for these things. If you don’t opt to take the “plate pass” coverage and you go through a toll, you will be charged $16.49/day. It’s simply a matter of knowing this upfront and/or ASKING at the desk when renting. We were TOTALLY SATISFIED with FOX RENT A CAR and will not hesitate to rent from this company again the next time we’re travelling in the U.S.

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