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May 30 2017

Trying to get a secured loan with my car as collat. myFICO® Forums #auto #loans

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I hope this is the right area. I searched for other threads like this, but none of them answered my question.

I just relocated and since it took me awhile to get a job I’m behind on bills/rent and need some quick cash to get caught back up. I have a 2002 Mazda Protege5 that is fully paid off. It’s in fair condition according to kelley blue book and has 145k miles on it. It was suggested to use my car as collateral for a small loan since I have bad credit. Can anyone recommend any places to me that might approve me for a loan? I’m talking in the area of like $2000.

I have 2 accounts with Chase and was going to try there initially but was told that even with collateral, Chase still expects you to have excellent credit. Would other banks give me a loan without having an account with them or would I have to look elsewhere? I also was told that there are finance companies that deal specifically with doing secured and unsecured loans. Does anyone know of any I could contact or any reputable ones online? (I live in Los Angeles if that helps.)

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