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May 20 2017

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US Airways

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  • About US Airways

US Airways is a large airline based in the United States. It flies both domestically and internationally to 193 locations in 24 countries. In 2013 it was recorded as employing over 32,000 people and it operated over 3000 flights daily. In order to sustain this sort of output US Airways has a fleet of 349 planes. In early 2013 US Airways and American Airlines announced a plan to merge into one company. This will create the largest airline company in the world. With this announcement US Airways also left the Star Alliance and joined th Oneworld alliance. The company slogan for US Airways is Fly with US.

What advantages does US Airways have?

Being one of the largest airlines in the world, the main advantage that US Airways has is its large amount of both domestic and international resources. Its large fleet allows it to be in control of almost all of its own flights without having to use other airlines for connections as some smaller airline companies have to. With its recent merger with American Airlines, USAirways will only have access to more resources which will only help to improve the companies infrastructure. The merger will also combine both airlines rewards programs which will give frequent fliers even more options for redeeming their miles and rewards.

Why should you fly with Usair?

US Airways has a great reputation within the airline world for providing accommodating flights to locations all around the world. Due to the size of the airline, is also able to provide many promotions and discounts throughout the year. US Airways also offers shuttle service flights between Boston, New York, and Washington DC that leave every hour during the week. This feature is unique and very helpful to many business personal who work in these areas.

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