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May 29 2017

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Cottage Rentals Abound On Prince Edward Island

Located between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (PEI) boasts a diverse range of vacation home rentals that will suit every taste and budget. Visitors to the island vary greatly there are those who come here to seek adventure while others visit to immerse themselves in the island s rich history. Whatever your motivation for visiting PEI, you will find the kind of attractions and activities that will keep you coming back.

At PEI, the busy executive, or the person who feels harassed by creditors or an unreasonable spouse all have a chance for peace of mind. If you desire to escape from the stresses of daily life, there are plenty of cottage rentals in PEI that will provide the peace and tranquillity you desire. The island is free of the pollution you might be used to while the very friendly people and the relaxed atmosphere prove truly therapeutical. For peaceful and quiet accommodation, you should consider the many cottage rentals that abound on the island. Set in wooded private environments, the cottages are secluded yet offer the kind of comforts you would expect in five star establishments.

Choose a cottage rental close to the friendly people

The friendliness of the residents of PEI is legendary and you will notice this when you come visiting. They are not only happy to stop and chat with visitors but are also eager to give directions and generally make you feel welcome. This desire to welcome strangers is also reflected in the kind of accommodation you get on the island. For many years now, individual residents have played a significant role in providing vacation home rentals for tourists by putting up cottages as well as properties large enough to accommodate large families. Cottage rentals by owner are especially popular with tourists as they provide the kind of home atmosphere you might not experience when holidaying.

Outdoor activities abound in PEI. Water activities are especially popular the island has a 1000+ mile shoreline and many visitors spend the time walking barefoot on the white beaches or surfing. Hiking, biking, horse riding and tennis are other popular activities that visitors to PEI engage in. If you choose to spend your time on the sandy beaches, accommodation presents no challenge as there a plenty of cottage rentals nearby. Please see the complete listing of various vacation home rental options by visiting .

One outdoor activity that pulls visitors to PEI every year is golf. For an island s it size, it is instructive that PEI has close to 30 golf courses spread across the island. These golf courses are not only popular with amateur golfers but also regularly host PGA tours. Created with the visitor in mind, the golf courses are served by a wide range of cottage rentals including motels, inns condo rentals and cottage rentals .

A natural beauty from land and sea, Prince Edward Island is known for its unique and exhilarating backdrop. Fill your getaway with unforgettable sights and sounds when you visit the island. Pass through plentiful astonishing hills, slopes and grasslands and get to learn the island s rich history which goes back several centuries.

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