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Sep 25 2017

Vintage Air – Inventors of Performance Air Conditioning. #manheim #auto

#auto air conditioning

Tech Video: Gen IV SureFit Control Panel Calibration

In this video, Vintage Air technical documentation group manager David Roberts explains and demonstrates the calibration procedure for Gen IV SureFit systems that use Vintage Air’s patented cable converter technology to convert a mechanical OEM control panel to electronic operation.

Tech Topic: What are the dimensions and characteristics of the #6, #8 and #10 O-rings supplied with my system?

O-rings are used in numerous applications, from faucet cartridges to spacecraft. They are made of various materials and they come in many sizes.

Vintage Air components are always shipped with all of the O-rings required for installation, but occasionally a situation may arise where additional O-rings are needed. While you can always order O-rings directly from Vintage Air, should you choose to purchase them from a local supplier, selecting the proper size and material is crucial for proper performance.

Click here to read the article explaining exactly which O-rings are compatible with your Vintage Air components!

Vintage Air is proud to introduce our new 170-Amp, ProLine Alternator, now included with all Front Runner kits.

Call your sales representative for details!

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