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Aug 31 2017

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS #dedicated #server #ssd


Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS/VPS) SSD KVM

Are you about to make a move to get full control over your server, but are not quite ready for an additional dedicated server account? In this situation our Virtual Servers (VDS / VPS) are the most reliable solution. Get your own virtual dedicated server with full access at an affordable price. Having chosen our services, you get a virtual server (VDS / VPS) as close to a physical dedicated server with its own operating system and kernel, as it can be. VDS / VPS hosting is the best solution for those customers who are in need for the server’s larger capacity, coupled with the flexibility of configuration and it’s affordable price.

Note! If you are not satisfied with our proposed configuration, you can compose the VDS that you need without any problems (for example, adding more storage or traffic. Different tariffs can be combined). If you need a VDS / VPS, please refer to the sales manager .

Faster than fast VDS SSD KVM / USA, Netherlands

With our VDS/VPS we guarantee:

Technical support included in the price for basic VDS KVM

Leasing our server, you will have the guaranteed technical support for your projects (starting from SSD-30 plan). They will be under constant monitoring of our administrators (Ping-monitoring, monitoring of all services, system load). Our professional staff will set up the VDS server to answer all you needs, install all the necessary applications as you request. In this case, the transfer of data from another hosting provider is one of our duties.

KVM visualization technology

When ordering a VDS/VPS with us, You get all the declared server performance capabilities reliably. KVM technology allows the distribution of resources of the physical server independently between users in such a way that even if your VDS/VPS “neighbour” loads his system up to 100%, You receive guaranteed performance capabilities of your VDS which are no more and no less than the one’s declared, and You will have no deteriorations in the system output.

Premium channels by Cogent Communications

On our server, you get premium channels by Tier 1 operator’s with an impeccable reputation and status: Cogent Communications and HE. This configuration in conjunction with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), provides a redundancy of information flow and provides a quick, uninterruptible traffic at any time.

Automatic local MySQL backups

In case of damage or destruction of the DB it is possible to restore your data via our customer support.

IPv6 for free

On all our servers IPv6 is available for free.

Technical support limitations. If however there were a lot of extra requests to the support service for some additional reasons and you have exceeded the time limit (about which you will be informed before performing the tasks in the ticket), the issues will be solved for an additional charge ($40/h). Apart from that, there is a 15 minute charge to fix the ISPmanager panel ($5/month) in order to establish bases, bind domains and similiar activities.

*Unlimited/Unmetered backup for VDS/VPS services means prepaid backup plan for prepaid SSD space in the ordered VDS/VPS service with weekly (weekly copies mean 4 copies per one month) remote backup copies, but not more than prepaid VDS/VPS SSD space multiplied by 2. It is your responsibility to inform the support of Hostiserver to change frequency and time of backups through Hostiserver’s ticket system. Frequent copies will use more backup space and it is your responsibility not to use more than Hostiserver’s Unlimited/Unmetered backup space or you will have to upgrade the backup plan.

Placing an order. If you have any questions, please contact the sales manager to process your order, to order the upgrades, and determine the details about everything concerning the order. We accept PayPal, Paxum, ePayService, eCoin, Webmoney, EPESE, Wire transfer.

The package of virtual server includes: When buying a VDS/VPS, you get a prepared server with preinstalled OS, as well as all needed services (e.g. apache, php, MySQL etc). Any additional software can be installed if you contact our support team.

The basic package ofVDS/VPSservices includes: free website migration, standard software installation that is included in / usr / ports, as well as languages Perl / php with the necessary modules and dns-server on-demand. Also the monitoring of server as well as the backups for data folders for each domain and the backups of databases are included. There is also an option to reboot the server.

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS / VPS)? Many people think that VDS / VPS has the concept as a shared hosting, but works faster. Believe it or not, but the virtual server is, in fact, the server. In order to administer it you need to have the same skills and knowledge as to administer a physical server. The main purpose of VDS / VPS is to enable the client to use a non-standard software and the flexible configuration in the system of high performance. Thanks to the well-chosen and load balanced configurations, you can choose the most convenient VDS / VPS for you, without overpaying and having all necessary safety for the operation of your web project.

If you decides that there is a need for you to rent a VDS/VPS, please contact us. You will not need to think about any issues with equipment, since your server will be serviced by our qualified technicians. We offer you virtual dedicated servers that are situated in the best and most reliable datacenters in the world, and guarantee you fast geat quality service.

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