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Aug 31 2017

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Bus Cushions

Did you know that sitting in the seat of a Bus well, any vehicle actually, over long periods daily can contribute to spinal compression and over strain of certain back muscles? Ask any Bus Driver and they can tell you that even when they get up from that driver s seat they still feel like they re sitting down. Their lower back is almost locked in a seated position, and the pain in their lumbar region can often be sickening.

Heavy Vehicle Cushions

The AIRHAWK Cushion is the One that is so comfortable you feel like you re sitting at home in your favourite chair, reduces the numb bum syndrome on long road trips, reduces the risk of driving related injuries,

The AIRHAWK Truck Seat is exactly what you re looking for.

Motorcycle Cushions

The patented system eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for a longer, more comfortable ride.

Memory foam can t do it. Gel seats can t do it. Only genuine AIRHAWK can do it. And it s portable use it anywhere else you sit.

The non-skid material will keep the cushion secure on your seat.

Office Cushions

If you ve ever sat behind a desk for most of the day. staring at computer screen. hunched over paperwork. trying to get comfortable in your chair.

then you can relate to the aches, cramping and numbness that most office workers suffer from. Imagine having your very own air cushion that is exactly like a water bed. for your bottom!

Truck Seat Cushions

If you ve ever had to sit in the cabs of heavy trucks that shake from engine vibration, rough roads or changing terrain then you already know the fatigue and pain that driving a truck can cause. And if you ve ever been behind the wheel for hours on end, leaving you with an aching back, sore neck and a numb bum then you ve probably been searching for the ultimate truck seat cushion.

Vehicle Cushions

The AIRHAWK LTV Cushion is the perfect solution for your vehicle. You have a choice of a fabric covered cushion or a leather covered cushion. The leather cushions are a popular choice for luxury vehicles (as well as office chairs). Both fabric covered cushions and leather covered cushions have the benefit of the AIRHAWKs patented weight distribution system over the air-filled cells.

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Welcome to Airhawk Australia

Welcome to AIR HAWK Australia, the home of AIRHAWK Comfort Seating Systems in Australia.

For over 16 years we have been providing comfort and seating solutions for people across all types of lifestyles and industries. From motorcycling, mining, transport, farming and aviation, to 4wds, forklifts, cars, motorhomes, office chairs, and gophers.

Our systems have been reducing back pain and making the task of sitting for a living or for pleasure, safer, painless and more comfortable.

The AIR HAWK advantage is in the patented technology which,

  • Redistributes weight away from pressure points to improve blood flow, relieving pain and discomfort.
  • Absorbs shock and vibration, reducing jarring and fatigue.
  • Provides a medium between you and the seat, allowing you to adopt a comfortable posture instead of conforming to the shape of the seat.

No matter what kind of seating issues you may have Airhawk Australia is here to assist you with our patented Shape Fitting Technology. Enjoy browsing our site and should you have any questions please feel welcome to contact or call us.


AIRHAWK R available in 2 sizes

AH-RL 36cm (wide) x 33cm (long)
AH-RS 28cm (wide) x 27cm (long)

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Product must be returned post paid and in good condition within 60 days of purchase date, along with proof of purchase. Full refund minus $20 restocking fee.

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