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Sep 7 2018

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What Is the Average Salary for a Medical Administrative Assistant?

Are you interested in working at a hospital or medical office? Do you have strong organizational abilities? Read on to learn about how much you could earn in a career as a medical administrative assistant. Schools offering Administrative Assistant degrees can also be found in these popular choices .

Average salary administrative assistant

Job Duties

Medical administrative assistants perform several clerical tasks, such as scheduling patient appointments and procedures, filing medical records, preparing invoices and communicating daily with patients, visitors and doctors. You also might take on a small number of clinical duties, such as taking blood or setting up a medical room. You can gain preparation for the job from a community college or career training program.

Important Facts About Medical Administrative Assistants

Job Outlook

The BLS stated that from 2014-2024, medical assistant jobs were projected to increase 23%, which was much greater than other job sectors. While most jobs were available in the offices of physicians, these professionals could also be found in hospitals, outpatient care centers and offices of other health practitioners.

Salary Overview

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the mean annual salary for medical assistants, including those performing administrative tasks, was $31,220 as of May 2014 ( The bottom 10% of workers at that time made annual salaries of $21,540 or less, while the top 10% made annual wages of $42,760 or higher.

Salaries by Region

As of May 2014, the District of Columbia and Alaska reported the highest average annual wages with respective salaries of $39,860 and $39,680, according to the BLS. The BLS stated that Massachusetts, Washington and Connecticut were the next highest paying states, all with mean yearly salaries over $35,000 as of May 2014. Arizona contained the highest concentration of jobs in this occupation, with an average annual salary of $31,800 as of May 2014, according to BLS figures.

Salaries by Industry

Many medical administrative assistants work in places other than hospitals and physician offices. Insurance companies, employment services, colleges, universities, and professional schools, dental offices and scientific research and development services are all industries that look for medical administrative assistants.

Scientific research and development services reported the highest mean salary for medical assistants at $36,670 annually as of May 2014, according to the BLS. Personal care services were the next highest paying industry, with a mean yearly wage of $36,030 at that time.

Physician offices hired the greatest number of medical assistants, and the average annual salary for workers in this field was $31,230 as of May 2014. Mean wages for other industries included $32,910 for general medical and surgical hospitals, $28,040 for offices of other health practitioners and $32,200 for outpatient care centers.

Salaries by Experience released annual salary figures for the 10th-90th percentile range of general administrative assistants based on their employment experience. Administrative assistants with zero to five years of experience made $24,256-$45,376, while those with 5-10 years of work experience earned salaries ranging from $26,229-$49,973 as of September 2015. Those with 10-20 years of experience made $27,517-$53,831, while those with more than 20 years of experience earned $28,889-$58,460.

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