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Jan 31 2018

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400 Million + people now use Facebook, staggering numbers when you think that there are more users in Facebook than residents in several countries. Today s Facebook has certainly evolved, it has now become a legitimate place to market your business, and keep your brand presence. To help with this trend, I am seeing more and more branding opportunities with custom Facebook fan pages.

The benefits are powerful, and smart, take for example this screen-shot of one of our clients who has a Beach Weddings in NC website. Beautiful website, but they took things to a whole new branding level, they had a Facebook fan page designed to augment their online presence, and get their brand in front of 1000 s of potential brides! Notice this tab is set to default, this way visitors are steered to becoming a fan of this page, see the call to action arrow? Also, this custom html page was designed to reflect the same theme, and brand of the main website, but with a social media twist. Bottom line then is to consider having a custom Facebook fan page designed because they provide the following benefits:

at February 23, 2010

Google Buzz Plugin

We at PIM have mixed feelings about Google Buzz. Never have we seen such quick work at creating a Buzz This plugin, but we had to try it. Mashable had this plugin on their site literally within a day or 2, and was quick to provide an article on how to install it in WordPress. this is a must read post!




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